Let your computer earn you money
The more powerful your computer
the more you can earn

Affiliate Program

BITmineshaft setup an account portal for you to learn how to mines cryptocurrencies, without any upfront expense to you. Sign-up FREE and start mining.



1) Click on the GET STARTED NOW button

2)Click on the sign-up button on the top right of the screen.

3) Complete the FREE sign-up form

4)Verify your email address with the email sent to you

5) Download the appropriate software associated to your operation system

6) Run the program

7) Start Mining

Helpful hints

The more powerful the computer you use the faster you will mine. Which means the faster you will earn money.

Your login can be used anywhere on any computer or android device

By logging into more than one computer or device at one time the fast you will mine. You will see a green circle with a number in it next to the currency you are mining. The number represents the number of devices logged in under your account.

Do not wait. START TODAY!